For those who want to come for a short visit without booking a room

Ziferblat is a public space at Bolotov Dacha. For those who come without checking in to the hotel, it's a space where you pay for the time you spend here.

Bolotov.Ziferblat is a common space
for all guests
Guests staying in a hotel as well as guests coming for a little while meet here.

We like spend time in a living room near the fireplace, reading a book or playing games. In the summer time, we chill in the open air at the terrace and in the bad weather we come together at the indoor veranda.
Bolotov.Ziferblat it is not only
the Big Dacha House
The outdoor area — a fireplace near the river, a pavilion on the pond, a wooden amphitheater — all of this is also Ziferblat.

So if you come to take a walk around, take photos or go boating in a pond, first of all you should go to the Big Dacha House and check-in to the Ziferblat.
give us a previous notice
Sometimes too much people want to come in Ziferblat, more than our space can receive. So we have to deny to unexpected guests right at the front door of the Big Dacha House.

To avoid taking a long trip in the countryside for nothing, call us a day in advance to check about available accomodation in Ziferblat: +7 906 630-17-88
You are welcome in Dacha Ziferblat every day
from 10 am to 10 pm.
Give us a call
in advance
To avoid taking a long trip in the countryside for nothing, call us a day in advance: +7 906 630-17-88
Check-in just after
you came
We will welcome you in the Big Dacha House and show you briefly the place.
Check-out and pay
for spent time
When you leave, we count minutes you spent in Ziferblat. You can pay cash or by credit card.
the Ziferblat app
For easy check-in and check-out and receive bonuses.
Like in every Ziferblat around the world, here in our space you pay only for minutes.
5 ₽/min
during the first hour
3 ₽/min
during the second to the fifth hour
after the sixth hour
Roughly to a whole hour, the price is:
60 min
One hour
120 min
Two hours
180 min
Three hours
240 min
Four hours
300 min
Five hours (stop-check)
a lot of minutes
All day long
Prices for kids
Children under the age of 3 can come as guests for free, and for children aged between 3 and 6 years inclusive the price is 50% of the basic. Children after the age of 7 are considered as adults.
We trust people and respect everyone's privacy and freedom. To make all guests feel comfortable, we kindly ask you to keep the House rules.
Quiet hours start at 10pm
Calm and deep sleep is an integral part of country life.
No smoking
Smoking is not allowed in rooms, near open windows and doors. There are ash trays in designated areas close to the Big Dacha house.
Take off your outdoor footwear
In the Big Dacha house we walk barefoot or in slippers. If necessary, take your slippers with you.
Drop all garbage in bins
In toilet rooms drop paper and personal hygiene products in bins only. All buildings are fitted with local septic tanks.
There's a Bolotov.Kitchen in a Big Dacha House. We serve buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner at the veranda.
We set the table for all guest: guests staying in a hotel as well as guests coming for a little while meet here.

For those who come in Ziferblat the price is:
breakfast 500 ₽, dinner 700 ₽, supper 700 ₽.

For those who book a room the special price is:
breakfast 400 ₽, dinner 500 ₽, supper 500 ₽.

We cook simple tasty meals accompanied with fresh homemade bread. There's always a choice of meat and vegetarian dishes. We don't have waiters and special children's menu.

10:00–11:30 am
2:00–3:30 pm
6:30–8:00 pm
How It Works
The meal is not included in the Ziferblat fare and payed separately.
Give us a notice a day in advance
to join the table
We cook the food in terms of quantity of guests. Let us know that you plan to eat in Ziferblat a day in advance: +7 906 630-17-88
Pay for the meal
when you come
You can pay cash or by credit card on the spot, in the Big Dacha House. The price is: breakfast 500 ₽, dinner 700 ₽, supper 700 ₽.

Homemade bread
150 ₽
Order a day in advance or ask on the spot is there some bread done today.
Coffee, tea and cookies
Coffee, tea and cookies are free for all guests. We use a lever coffee machine and can teach you to use it. There are some varieties of tea and a snack bar in the living room.
If you bring your own alcohol, please pay a corkage fee 300₽ per one bottle. You don't have to pay a corkage for an alcohol you buy in a Dacha's farm shop.
In Ziferblat you pay only for minutes, you can use everything for free. We are for sharing stuff: books, games, piano — we use it together. That's why is it common here to take every thing with care.
You can work in a relaxed country atmosphere. Wi-Fi is available in a Big Dacha house, in "Orangery" and at the reception. The password to all networks is bolotov1.
Enjoy the onsite library in an armchair near the fireplace. If you read russian, please don't hesitate to take a book from the shelves in a living room.
Playing games
Pick it up tabletop games from a bookcase in a living room. We have chess, checks, dominoes, bingo, Monopoly, Alias, Code name, Timeline, Uno etc.
Watching movies
If desired, in the evening after dinner we watch some good movies on the veranda on the large screen video projector.
Playing music
We love music and musicians. You will find a guitar and a piano on the veranda, feel free to express yourself.
A common barbecue place is located near by the "Orangery", besides, each guest house has a private grill. If you want to cook, ask the administrator.
By car
Bolotov.Dacha is located 110 kilometers out of the Moscow to the southwest. Take the Simferopolskoe highway (M2). Don't miss a bend to the right to Dvoryaninovo after 10 km from the entry into the Tula Oblast. Go through Rusyatino Village and Dvoryaninovo Village. There is an outdoor parking just a step away from the Big Dacha house.

GPS-position: 54.693504; 37.557836
By train + taxi
The Moscow — Tula express train goes twice a day, it will take 1 h 50 min to get to Zaokskiy (Tarusskaya station). Buy your tickets online on the Russian Railways website or directly at the Kurskiy railway station. Regular suburban trains run more often, but a while longer, 2,5 hours.

Take a taxi from Tarusskaya station. It will take 20 minutes and about 500 ₽ to get to Bolotov.Dacha. Please give a call to the driver in advance: Vladimir +7 (953) 180 06 49 (speaking russian only)