Wilderness. Comfort. Culture
Bolotov.Dacha is a country hotel in Tula oblast, only an hour and a half drive away from Moscow.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city life just for a day or stay a while, enjoying the simple pleasures of a Russian Dacha life.
There are 15 rooms — 4 on the second floor of the Big Dacha house, 7 rooms and a hostel in "Orangery" and 4 separate Scandinavian style houses. Moreover, some of our neighbor's villas in Bolotov Village are for rent.
Ziferblat is a public space on the first floor of the Big House. Here in the living room, veranda or summer terrace guests can relax, work and communicate.

You don't need to check in to the hotel, just pay for the time you've spent here.
Booking a weekend
A minimum length of stay at the weekends is two nights. You can book a room from Friday till Sunday or from Saturday till Monday.

The rule does not apply for last minute bookings (excluding separate houses and neighbour's villas).
Early check-in / Late check-out
Early check-in / Late check-out fee is 100% of room rate per night. Please inform the reception about your expected time of arrival in advance.

The Big House's is open for Dacha's guests 24/7.
You are welcome to spend time here before checking in.
Visiting with children
There are no extra charges for babies under 2 years old.
The fee for children from 3 to 6 years is 1000 ₽ per night. Kids after 7 years are counted as adults according to the basic rate.

Extra crib is available for 1000 ₽ per night.
Visiting with pets
Well-behaved pets are always welcome. An additional fee of 750 ₽ per night per pet is applied.

It is not allowed to stay with pets in the rooms of the Big House.
check-in starts at 15:00
check-out ends at 12:00
Rooms in the Big Dacha house and "Orangery":
Raspberry, Birdcherry, Juneberry, Honeysuckle;
Pimpinelli, Rosemary, Chard, Borago, Artichoke, Sunroot and Scorzonera.
check-in starts at 18:00
check-out ends at 15:00
Guest houses and villas in Bolotov.Village:
Betonica, Fennel, Rapunzel and Salvia;
Villa Eva.
Wilderness and comfort
The nature gives us fresh air and clear water, walks in the fields and woods, tranquility and energy for great achievements. We bring the best from the city — comfort, design, events.
Food and mood
The food in the country is fresh, tasty and healthy. We add a special touch to it — we eat all together, communicate openly and treat everyone as a friend.
Old and new
We respect the heritage of Andrey Bolotov and after 220 years we're reinventing а fruitful life in Dvoryaninovo. And new technology helps us.
Work and peace
The life in the countryside is full of pleasant worries. And it's a perfect place to work remotely: it takes just a single second to switch one's attention to the beauty of nature.
The site's focal point is the "Big Dacha house": a wooden-panelled building painted blue and white, typical of the 19th and 20th centuries dachas. The Orangery's buildings and guest houses are designed in Scandinavian barn style.
Bolotov Dacha is surrounded by fields and forests and stands on the banks of the Skniga River. Your stay here is a chance to be at one with nature, enjoying walks and bike rides in the surrounding woodland.
We have created a cozy but simple and clean interior. A modern European design is combined with typical of Soviet-era objects: a Russian stove, a samovar, a vintage furniture.
Three times a day we gather together in our veranda to enjoy fresh and tasty food. You can get a coffee or a tea at any time of the day. At the reception there is a farm shop "Mark i Lev" with locally produced foods.
We reinvent the Russian tradition where "dacha" is a cultural and social center of the country life.

Bolotov Dacha is a combination of an early 20th century-inspired wooden architecture, modern European design, verdant surroundings and relaxed atmosphere. Dacha gives you all the best for new ideas and achievements.
Quiet hours start at 10pm
Calm and deep sleep is an integral part of country life.
No smoking
Smoking is not allowed in rooms, near open windows and doors. There are ash trays in designated areas close to the Big Dacha house.
Take off your outdoor footwear
In the Big Dacha house we walk barefoot or in slippers. If necessary, take your slippers with you.
Drop all garbage in bins
In toilet rooms drop paper and personal hygiene products in bins only. All buildings are fitted with local septic tanks.
How it works
Reception + Farm shop
The reception is located in the small building near by the pond (from 10am till 10pm).
The Big Dacha house
There is a public space Ziferblat on the first floor and 4 rooms on the second floor.
It's a common name for all five houses in Scandinavian style. There are 7 rooms and a hostel.
Guest houses
Each of four two-storey Scandinavian style guest houses can accommodate up to four-five guests.
You can work in a relaxed country atmosphere. Wi-Fi is available in a Big Dacha house, in "Orangery" and at the reception. The password to all networks is bolotov1.
Enjoy the onsite library in an armchair near the fireplace. If you read russian, please don't hesitate to take a book from the shelves in a living room.
Playing games
Pick it up tabletop games from a bookcase in a living room. We have chess, checks, dominoes, bingo, Monopoly, Alias, Code name, Timeline, Uno etc.
Watching movies
If desired, in the evening after dinner we watch some good movies on the veranda on the large screen video projector.
Playing music
We love music and musicians. You will find a guitar and a piano on the veranda, feel free to express yourself.
A common barbecue place is located near by the "Orangery", besides, each guest house has a private grill. If you want to cook, ask the administrator.



Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included in the price and are payed as a free-will donation. You may put as much as you like in the donation box to express your gratitude. We trust you to set the value of food.
Coffee, tea and cookies
Coffee, tea and cookies are free for all guests. We use a lever coffee machine and can teach you to use it. There are some varieties of tea and a snack bar in the living room.
If you bring your own alcohol, please pay a corkage fee 300₽ per one bottle in a donation box. You don't have to pay a corkage for an alcohol you buy in a Dacha's farm shop.
All of us try to make you feel like you're at your friend's dacha.
shift manager
shift manager
ziferblat administrator
ziferblat administrator
ziferblat administrator
ziferblat administrator
brand chef
let's be friends
We are glad to make cool things happen with cool people.
Give a call
+7 903 777 57 34
(from 10:00 to 22:00)
Dvoryaninovo Village, Tula Oblast

54.693504; 37.557836
By car
Bolotov.Dacha is located 110 kilometers out of the Moscow to the southwest. Take the Simferopolskoe highway (M2). Don't miss a bend to the right to Dvoryaninovo after 10 km from the entry into the Tula Oblast. Go through Rusyatino Village and Dvoryaninovo Village. There is an outdoor parking just a step away from the Big Dacha house.

GPS-position: 54.693504; 37.557836
Google Maps point:
By train + taxi
The Moscow — Tula express train goes twice a day, it will take 1 h 35 min to get to Zaokskiy (Tarusskaya station). Buy your tickets online on the Russian Railways website or directly at the Kurskiy railway station. Regular suburban trains run more often, but a while longer, 2,5 hours.

Take a taxi from Tarusskaya station. It will take 20 minutes and about 500 ₽ to get to Bolotov.Dacha. Please give a call to the driver in advance:
Vladimir +7 (953) 180-06-49 (only russian)